All shipping charges are taken care of by our suppliers. You will not receive any hidden shipping costs from Crafty Nickle.


The shipping timelines are posted for each item on the product description page. Our supplies are consistent about shipping on time; however, with the COVID-19 epidemic and during holiday seasons, shipping carriers fall behind during the shipping process.    

After you place your order, Crafty Nickle processes your purchase and then forwards the order to the supplier’s warehouse. Once the warehouse receives the order, they package and then ship the item to you. 

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your order, either by email or with the packaged delivery.


Yes, your payment is secured and protected! Crafty Nickle does not track, save, or store any debit or credit card information. We exclusively use Paypal for our secure transaction processing. Crafty Nickle can process your payments without needing a PayPal account.

A wish list is a simple way to help you keep track of items of interest. Simply click the heart icons on the products that you can not live without. Then, periodically check your wish list for price changes and sales. 

You can change or cancel your order until your purchase has shipped. 

For Crafty Nickle to protect its customer, we run a strict product rating system. A product must maintain a 4-star rating or higher to operate on our platform. If the product falls below the 4-star benchmark, then they have 6-months to reach the necessary standards. If the supplier does not match the required standard within the six months, the product faces removal from Craft Nickle.