Who is Crafty Nickle?

Crafty Nickle started by selling small craft supplies and expanded into selling anything from clothes to home products. 

How is Crafty Nickle Different

Crafty Nickle sources its products as close to the manufacturer as possible. By removing several layers of middlemen we can help the customers save money. 

What is the product rating system?

Over time, products that do meet the customer’s expectation will reflect in the product rating system. If a product fails to maintain a 4-star rating, there is three months probation period for the product to meet the Crafty Nickle expectations. If, after the probation period, the product does not meet the requirements, then the product faces removal.  

What is the process when an order is Placed?

After you place an order, Crafty Nickle processes the order and then sends it to the supplier’s warehouse. Once at the warehouse, they package and ship the order directly to you. 

Who pays for shipping?

Crafty Nickle suppliers pay for shipping. It is up to their supplier’s discretion, but they typically use USPS, FEDEX, to USPS for the shipping requirements. 

From where do the products ship?

Typically products ship from the United States and Europe. However, when the U.S. and European warehouses run out of inventory products may be shipped directly to you from anywhere in the world.